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ThinkSmart Limited


ThinkSmart Limited is a specialist digital payments platform business. It offers investors unique exposure to the UK ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ payments sector undergoing exponential growth, driven by ongoing digital transformation of consumer shopping habits and financial services. ThinkSmart has two areas of focus, delivering significant shareholder value and returns via: 10%* holding in one of the UK’s leading ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ digital payments platform After developing the Clearpay ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ payments platform, ThinkSmart sold a 90% stake to Australian listed Afterpay in 2018, retaining a 10%* stake. Afterpay now trades in the UK under the Clearpay brand. Clearpay is demonstrating outstanding trading momentum having reached 1.6 million active customers in its first 18 months of trading to December 2020. At 1 March 2021 Afterpay was valued at A$36bn, with Clearpay accounting for c12% of Afterpay’s 13.1m active customers at 31 December 2020. ThinkSmart Limited holding in Clearpay was conservatively re-valued by a third party, independent global professional services firm at £106.6m as at 31 December 2020.