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TFS Corporation Ltd


TFS Corporation Ltd is engaged in the management and operation of forestry plantations in Australia. The company has approximately 7,600 hectares of Indian sandalwood trees in the tropical north of Australia. It is also involved in the cultivation and sale of agriculture produce; the production and sale of sandalwood oil and related products tobuyers in the fragrance market; and the provision of finance to growers to purchase sandalwood lots. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Nedlands, Australia. From the first planting in 1999, they have dedicated nearly 20 years to mastering the art of hosting and cultivation of Sandalwood Album. Each sandalwood tree requires at least four host trees and continuous care over a 15-year lifespan to ensure a healthy and potent amount of the rich, fragrant, oil-bearing heartwood. By harvesting and replanting each year, they have created the world's first and only sustainable supply of this endangered species, with 5.4 million Sandalwood Album trees covering 12,182 hectares. Creating a sustainable supply of an endangered species with a history spanning over 2000 years, they have discovered new, truly unique potential across pharmaceutical, skincare, and wellbeing applications, and they have begun reawakening global markets to the power of this rare and ancient species. In doing so, TFS Corporation Ltd recognised that they had become more than just the forestry management company known as TFS. They had become the trusted guardian and provider of nature’s wellbeing super-ingredient, Sandalwood Album and on March 22, 2017 completed their transition to their new brand, Quintis.