Pacific Smiles Group Limited


Pacific Smiles Group Limited is a leading Australian branded dental group, currently operating 100+ dental centres. Pacific Smiles provides dentists with fully serviced and equipped facilities including support staff, materials, marketing and administrative services. Over 600 dentists, assisted by more than 1400 support staff, attend to approximately 770,000 patient appointments at Pacific Smiles centres each year. Pacific Smiles’ mission is to combine professional ethics and patient care with efficient and effective operating systems and structures to deliver a superior level of service to dentists and patients. The Pacific Smiles service model distinguishes the provision of dentistry from the supporting infrastructure and services, enabling dentists to maximise time treating patients. Pacific Smiles Group Limited growth model is focused on organic new centre rollout rather than acquisitions. This allows Pacific Smiles to steadily and strategically expand its geographic footprint and provide the benefits of the Pacific Smiles service model to an increasing number of Australia’s dentists and patients.

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