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Money3 Corporation Limited


Money3 Corporation Limited is a specialist non-bank finance provider, offering:
  • Car loans up to $50,000 over periods of up to 60 months with a focus on great service for customers who traditional credit providers ignore. All vehicle types considered. Learn more about our Car Loans.
  • Personal loans up to $12,000 for many purposes including car repairs, medical expenses, holidays, weddings and other special occasions and emergencies. Learn more about our Personal Loans.
Trading since 2000 and incorporated in 2005, Money3 has been assisting people from all walks of life in a variety of financial circumstances. Providing vehicle finance options in Australia under the Money3 brand and in New Zealand as Go Car Finance. Money3 Corporation Limited believes in giving everyone a fair go, and that everyone deserves a second chance. Assisting customers with car loans and other secured vehicle finance and personal loans.