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Silicon Valley investors are fast turning to education technology as the next growth sector.

It’s one of the last to be really shaken up by online technology, and now venture capitalists and financiers are starting to pile in.

Last year funding for education tech companies rose to almost USD $1.87BN, up 55% from the year before…

As more and more of the world’s population goes online, why have one teacher teach a classroom of 10 when you could put this course online and sell it to millions?

Meanwhile in Australia, icollege (ASX:ICT) deliver quality education courses online, through their own tech platform, potentially allowing anyone around the world to access their courses.

A spate of recent acquisitions has seen the company grow its earnings potential by millions of dollars.

However – this is an early stage tech play, with no guarantee of success – investors should evaluate this investment with caution.

As ICT continues to grow organically and through acquisitions, perhaps they might one day become an acquisition target of their own?