Cooper Energy Ltd


Cooper Energy Ltd is an ASX-listed (ASX:COE) energy company that generates revenue from the discovery, commercialisation and sale of gas to south-east Australia and low-cost Cooper Basin oil production. Gas accounts for the major share of Cooper Energy Ltd's sales revenue, production, and reserves. The company’s portfolio includes: - gas production. Cooper Energy supplies gas for domestic and industrial use in south-east Australia from its operations offshore Victoria in the Gippsland Basin (Sole gas field) and Otway Basin (Casino, Henry and Netherby gas fields). - gas project development. Cooper Energy is upgrading and connecting the Athena Gas Plant in Victoria to provide a low-cost processing hub for Otway Basin gas and analysing development for new supply from discoveries such as Annie. - gas supply contracts. Cooper Energy has a growing portfolio of gas supply contracts, with customers including AGL Energy, Alinta Energy, EnergyAustralia, VISY and Origin Energy. - gas exploration. Cooper Energy holds exploration permits and conducts exploration for competitive new sources of gas supply in south-east Australia.  In 2020 this exploration resulted in the Annie gas discovery offshore Victoria and the Dombey gas discovery in the onshore Otway Basin, South Australia. - oil production. Cooper Energy  produces approximately 0.2 million barrels per annum from low cost operations in the Cooper Basin. Cooper Energy Ltd's overarching objective is to deliver sustainable growth in total shareholder return. In pursuing this they manage their business and make their decisions consistent with care, integrity, fairness & respect, transparency, collaboration, awareness, and commitment.

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