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We have been investing in the small cap market for 20+ years and use our experience to select and invest in small cap stocks that we believe have a high chance of success, and then share our research, analysis and investment strategy with our readers.

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Our Process

We review over 400 investment opportunities per year.
On average we make just 10 investments.

We look out for:

  • Great management with integrity and a successful track record
  • Top class projects vetted by our trusted industry experts
  • Undervalued companies that have been unfairly priced by the market
  • The right capital structure for sustainable share-price growth
  • Environment, Social and Governance

Our Performance

First Coverage Stock Our Returns
May 2020 ASX:WHK +30%
June 2020 ASX:VUL +2,660%
June 2020 ASX:EXR +285%
October 2020 ASX:EMN +331%
February 2021 ASX:PRL +420%
March 2021 ASX:EMH -40%
March 2021 ASX:FOD -43%
March 2021 ASX:BOD -83%
March 2021 ASX:AOU -76%
May 2021 ASX:FYI -66%
May 2021 ASX:IRD -28%
November 2021 ASX:EV1 +75%
February 2022 ASX:CAY -55%

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