1. How can I find out about each new company covered by Wise-Owl?

If you subscribe to our mailing list you will be the first to receive the updates on our stock tips and new companies that we cover.

2. Why is your service FREE?

We make money if our investments perform well over the long run, as the companies we are invested in execute on their business plan. So we don’t need to charge you subscriber fees.

3. Is there a paid service where I can get the Wise-Owl Reports first?

No. Wise-Owl is a free service. No strings. No fees. No worries.

4. Do you provide BUY / SELL / HOLD Recommendations? Do you provide Stop Loss Recommendations?

No. We write reports about stocks that we believe in and share our reasons for investing with you.

When entering your investment, you should have a plan.

Many new investors buy a stock without any kind of exit strategy and are therefore more likely to take premature profits, or worse, let run losses. Ask yourself:

  • How long do I plan on being invested for?
  • At what price will I sell out and take some profit?
  • At what point will I reassess the investment, sell out and, choose another stock or liquidate my investment?

These are the questions you must ask yourself prior to entering an investment. We can’t answer this for you.

5. What is your investing process?
  1. Our industry network introduces us to prescreened investment opportunities.
  2. Our trusted advisors and sector experts help us assess the investment.
  3. We conduct regular meetings with company management to build trust and a relationship.
  4. Our in-house team of analysts conduct due diligence and analysis using our 20 point check list.
  5. Our investment committee makes the final investment decision.
  6. We aim to increase our investment as the company delivers over time.
  7. We aim to hold the full position for at least 12 months and top-slice as the price rises.
  8. We aim for “free carry” within 24 months of investing (free carry means to sell your initial investment $ amount and leave the profit invested for the long term)
6. What is your selling strategy?

We invest in carefully selected companies that we think will perform well over many years. We aim to hold the full position for at least 12 months and top-slice as the price rises. In the meantime, share prices will go up and down. A lot.

We try and take some profit when prices go up, take back our initial investment amount when they go up a lot, and hold the remainder for the long term.

“Top slicing” involves taking some money off the table once a stock price has risen a certain amount.

Ideally, we can recoup our initial investment amount, leaving the remainder invested in the stock to be ‘free carried’ (or as a ‘free bet’).

We generally aim to sell enough of a stock to take back our original investment amount within 24 months, or after the stock has risen by 200% or more.

This leaves us cash to invest in other opportunities and a significant amount still invested in the original stock.

Only you can decide what your tolerance to risk is, how big a loss you are willing to take, how much profit you are intending to make and what your exit strategy is.

It is imperative to know this prior to entering an investment.

7. How can I invest in the stocks covered in the Wise-Owl reports?

If you would like to invest in any stock that we write about, you need to contact a stockbroker or open an online trading account.

8. Do I need to have a stockbroker to buy stocks in the Wise-Owl portfolio?

You can invest yourself via an online trading platform, however it’s always worthwhile speaking to a stockbroker, or seeking professional financial advice, if you are new to investing.

9. I don't live in Australia, can I invest in ASX stocks?

Yes, you will just need to find an online or offline broker that allows you to buy international equities.

10. Do you provide stop losses?
11. How much money should I invest in a company?

In the world of ASX small cap speculative investments, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Any investment decision you make should be based on your own current financial objectives, situation, needs, and risk profile.

Always discuss investment decisions with a professional investment advisor before making a decision.

12. Is there any conflict of interest between the recommendations and the companies the Wise-Owl covers?

S3 Consortium Pty Ltd (the company that owns www.wise-owl.com) does and seeks to do business with companies featured in its reports.

As a result, investors should be aware that Wise-Owl may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of its reports.

Investors should consider these reports as only a single factor in making any investment decision.

Wise-Owl also may hold stocks covered in its reports and on the website. If you make a decision to purchase a stock, it should be done after you have made your own inquiries as to the validity of any information provided on this website or in the report.

13. How can I access the Wise-Owl’s current portfolio?

You can access the wise-owl portfolio via: http://www.wise-owl.com

14. I was a paid-up Wise-Owl subscriber. How do I get a refund?

As of January 1st 2021 Wise Owl is free forever.

Month to month subscriptions fees have been stopped as of January 1st 2021, and pre paid subscriptions will be refunded as follows:

Month to month January 1 20201 Full
Full Year September 1 2020 Full
Two Year  September 1 2020 Full
Two Year January 1 2020 Half
15. What happened to my Wise-Owl dashboard, where can I find all the old research reports & videos?

The Wise-Owl Dashboard has been discontinued. You can find all of the old research reports www.wise-owl.com/reports.

16. Wise-Owl previously offered a daily news service, is that still happening?

No. Wise-Owl’s daily news service has been moved to https://finfeed.com/

17. Do you still cover IPOs, Dividends and International Stocks?

No. Wise-Owl exclusively covers growth stocks.