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Cybersecurity as a Service 01-May-20 $0.058 193%
Delivering cybersecurity solutions 12-Oct-20 $0.18 -6%
How Our Investments Performed in Q1 of 2021 21-Apr-21 $0.240 -29%


📋  About: WhiteHawk (ASX: WHK) is a US based cybersecurity company that has developed a technology platform that focuses on identifying, prioritising and mitigating cyber risks for businesses and their supply chain partners. WHK offers tailored online risk platforms and programs for Enterprise and government agencies and has secured contracts with key US federal government departments, along with Fortune 500 companies, top US financial institutions, major insurers, manufacturers, utilities providers and a top Defence Industrial Base (DIB) company.

🌏  Macro Theme: The US Government is set to spend over $18BN on cybersecurity in 2021.  The White House Council of Economic Advisors estimated that malicious cyber activity cost the US economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016 and cost the global economy $3 trillion dollars in 2015 alone. With projected costs increasing with each passing year, Cybersecurity Ventures estimates the cost will be $6 trillion by 2021. Cybersecurity is a global problem, and the requirement for workable solutions is growing exponentially. Everyone from the smallest of SMEs to the US government is currently at risk.

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