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Report Date Price Current Return
World’s First Zero Carbon Lithium Project 01-Jun-20 $0.36 2,381%
Vulcan’s Resources Could Satisfy the EU’s EV Needs 23-Nov-20 $2.150 315%
ASX Stock to Ride the Great Electric Vehicle Rush 02-Mar-21 $6.270 42%
Vulcan on Track to Deliver World First Zero Carbon Lithium® 02-Mar-21 $6.270 42%
ASX Stock to Ride the Great Electric Vehicle Rush 02-Mar-21 $6.270 42%
In 72 hours Volkswagen will make an Electric Announcement 12-Mar-21 $5.83 53%
4 Key Takeaways from VW’s Power Day 16-Mar-21 $6.46 38%
How Our Investments Performed in Q1 of 2021 21-Apr-21 $7.380 21%
G7 Summit: Countries to Switch To Electric Vehicles 11-Jun-21 $8.71 3%
VUL’s US $150M per year Lithium Offtake Deal 20-Jul-21 $8.80 1%


📋 About: Vulcan Energy Resources (FWB: 6KO, ASX: VUL) is aiming to become the world’s first Zero Carbon Lithium® producer. VUL has developed the world’s first and only zero-carbon lithium process and plans to produce battery-grade lithium hydroxide from geothermal brines pumped from wells with a renewable geothermal energy by-product. VUL’s resource is large enough to satisfy Europe’s lithium needs for many years to come, and ensure the transition to electric vehicles is done with minimal environmental footprint.

🌏 Macro Themes: EU shift to Electric Vehicles and enforced ethical, low carbon, local sourcing of battery metals. and in battery materials production in Europe and North America. Strong interest emerging in the EV/battery/battery raw materials sector from individual and institutional investors, and particularly ESG funds.

Vulcan Energy Resources Company Milestones

✅ Wise-Owl Portfolio Initiation: Wise-Owl Commentary
✅ Capital Raise $4.8M @40c

✅ EU Backed Investment (EIT InnoEnergy)
✅ Test Work Shows Excellent Lithium Recoveries

✅ Key Board Appointment (Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles)
✅ Key Board Appointment (Former Tesla Director Jochen Rudat)
✅ Taro Licence Granted
✅ Positive Pre-Feasibility Study: Wise-Owl Commentary

✅ Capital Raise $120M @$6.5

✅ Collaboration with DuPont

🌎 Volkswagen’s
 Power Day: Wise-Owl Commentary (1), Wise-Owl Commentary (2)
✅ CO2 Traceability Agreement:

✅ Key Board Appointment (Annie Liu)
🌎 EU Carbon Tariffs: Wise-Owl Commentary

🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 1
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 2
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 3
🔲 Ramp up of DLE pilot plant
 Offtake agreement 1: Offtake with world’s biggest EV battery Maker LG
🔲 Offtake agreement 2
🔲 Offtake agreement 3
🔲 Definitive Feasibility Study
🔲 More brine/land acquired #1
🔲 More brine/land acquired #2
🔲 More experts hired/acquired
🔲 Acquisition of existing project
🔲 Acquisition of existing project #2

Wise-Owl Investment Milestones

✅ Initial Investment: @20c
✅ Increase Investment: @40c
✅ Increase Investment: @$6.50
✅ Price increases 500% from initial entry
✅ Price increases 1000% from initial entry
✅ Price increases 2000% from initial entry
✅ 12 Month Capital Gain Discount
✅ Free Carry
✅ Take Profit
 Hold remaining Position for next 2+ years

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🌎 Macro Event
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Why We Invested

Europe’s largest JORC lithium resource
Strategically beneficial location
Diversified revenue streams
Uniquely lithium-rich
World’s most rapidly advancing lithium project
Strong team & board
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