Advanced Human Imaging LTD  ASX: MYQ


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$ 1.32


Report Date Price
MyFiziq Generating Million-Dollar Revenues 06-Oct-20 $1.32


Embedded into a partner’s app, AHI’s, previously MyFiziq Limited product offering is a smartphone-based human scanning technology comprising Body, Face and Dermatological scans, with a diverse range of data-driven applications across multiple industries, unlocking the unique aspects of an individual’s health, wellbeing, and chronic disease risk.

One of the most significant pieces of technology ever invented is the smartphone.

It rapidly evolved into the powerful device we imagined the future would be. Simultaneously, advancements in mathematics and computer vision, and the advent of AI collided, making AHI human scanning technology possible.

What was thought impossible only a few years ago, is now a reality.

Today, MyFiziq Limited is beyond just simply measuring the human body. They are delving deep inside. Combining big data, research, and global population studies to track fitness and predict health risks.

Smartphone-based human scanning technology, with a diverse range of data-driven applications across multiple industries.

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