Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd  ASX: BEN


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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd ASX: BEN

$ 12.45


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Dividend Portfolio 16/04/2015 $12.45


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd vision is to be Australia’s bank of choice. They are one of Australia’s biggest banks, with more than 7,000 employees helping over 1.9 million customers achieve their financial goals.

They strive for lasting success and commit to take the time to better understand their customers, partners and their communities to find ways to solve their problems, in a way that helps create value.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd purpose is to feed into the prosperity of their customers and their communities, not off it.

As a company, they value teamwork, encourage diversity, and respect the contribution of each individual. They build a culture of trust and are open, honest, and fair.