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Stocks for Breakfast 24th of April 2014

Welcome to Stocks for Breakfast - The Daily Market Wrap provided by Please choose from one of the following formats to view your daily
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Chalice Gold Mines Limited (CHN) | 23 April 2014

Chalice Gold Mines Limited is an Australian minerals company with gold and base metal interests in Canada, Australia, and Eritrea.
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TPG Telecom Limited (TPM) | 16 April 2014

TPG Telecom Limited (TPM) is an Australian-based multi-media full service telecommunications company providing consumer, wholesale and corporate telec
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Float Watch 360 Capital Office Fund (TOF) | 14 April 2014

360 Capital Office Fund (“TOF”, “the Fund”) is a Real Estate Investment Trust focused on the ownership and management of office properties in Australi
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Analyst Picks

  • Algae Tec (AEB.ASX)

    AEB is an Australian technology company focused on the manufacture of algae- based products. Algae generate energy and nutrient rich oils more efficiently than any other known natural or engineered process. Algae.Tec’s production technology, the ‘Algae.Tec system’, is the world’s most land efficient algae manufacturing technique.
  • Ardent Leisure (AAD.ASX)

    AAD is continuing a medium-long term uptrend.It has an ascending-triangle channel and appears to be at the lower point of this now providing a good opportunity to capitalise. 5-day RSI shows an opportunity to capitalise on oversold position. We want to see a continuation of the trend with a break through the $1.95 level which is why we’ve indicated a buy-stop. A dividend can be expected and which ranged between 4-6% in the past.
  • TZ Limited (TZL.ASX)

    Renewed balance sheet health and greater concentration on technology sales are expected to drive growth for TZL. Loss making engineering services unit, PDT, was disposed in 2013, and convertible note holder, QVT Funds has agreed to a $24m ordinary equity exchange. The transactions are expected to drive a significantly improved financial performance in FY14 with the Company targeting ~2x revenue growth to $8m and operating cost savings up to 25 per cent.

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